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Buy Ambien (Zolpidem) Online Without Prescription

Ambien is sleeping pills, approved for short-term insomnia treatment. This hypnotic agent helps to quickly fall asleep and maintain a deep sleep throughout the night.


Ambien does not cause morning drowsiness, daytime fatigue and decreased productivity. Therefore, it:


  • is one of the most frequently prescribed hypnotic agents for adults;
  • has a leading position in the market of oral medications for the treatment of insomnia.


Ambien is sold in dozens of countries around the world and it can be bought in almost any pharmacy. To purchase Ambien in urban drugstores, patients need a prescription. However, if a person, who suffers from insomnia, does not have time to visit a doctor, he can order these sleeping pills on the Internet. Online pharmacies sell sleeping pills without a prescription. Therefore, purchasing Ambien online takes just a few minutes.


The international pharmaceutical market is supplied with:


  • Oral Ambien tablets of 5 mg and 10 mg.
  • Extended-release Ambien CR tablets of 6.25 mg and 12.5mg.


Different release forms of the hypnotic Ambien have different recommendations for use. Information on the dosage and therapeutic properties of this drug is available in the leaflet for patients. If sleeping pills are purchased online, buyers can get the leaflet for Ambien via e-mail.


Regardless of which Ambien dosage form is used to treat insomnia, no more than one sleeping pill should be taken within 24 hours.


Preferred time of Ambien intake:


  • in the evening;
  • before bedtime;
  • at least 7 hours before the planned awakening.


When buying hypnotic medicines in trust online pharmacies, Ambien buyers are guaranteed anonymity of the order and privacy of personal data.


Some online pharmacies provide Money Back Guarantee for Ambien. As a rule, only regular customers, owners of discount cards or participants in insurance programs can claim such guarantees.


In international online pharmacies, the cost of Ambien is not covered by insurance. Therefore, insured patients buy these sleeping pills only in certified pharmacies, which collaborate with public or private insurance companies.


The manufacturer and global supplier of Ambien is Sanofi-Aventis. For more than 10 years, this company has been supplying Ambien to almost all developed countries of the world, including the US, Canada and the EU member states.


It should be noted that Sanofi sells Ambien tablets under other trademarks in some countries. In Australia, for example, sleeping pills by Sanofi are sold under the brand Stilnox.


Stilnox is oral tablets, which, just like Ambien tablets, contain 5 mg or 10 mg of the active ingredient Zolpidem. Sanofi sells the same hypnotic drug under two different brands.


At the same time, Sanofi has to compete with manufacturers of other drugs for the insomnia treat, which contain the hypnotic agent Zolpidem.


Patent protection for Zolpidem formula has expired. Therefore, drugs based on this ingredient:


  • are produced by dozens of pharmaceutical companies.
  • are sold under hundreds of trademarks.


Because of the high competition in the market of hypnotic drugs, the cost of Ambien and other Zolpidem-containing medicines remains low. Potential consumers of sleeping pills, who always buy only Ambien, can compare its cost with identical medicines and buy the cheapest ones.


Medications that are 100% analogs to Ambien are called Ambien generics. When searching for an inexpensive generic drug, you can target the generic name of the active ingredient Zolpidem or by trademarks.


In international online pharmacies and local pharmacy chains, Ambien generics can be marketed under the following brands:


  • Amsic, Bikalm, Cymerion, Edluar, Intermezzo, Ivadal, Oniria, Pronox, Stilnox, Sublinox, Tovalt, Tropfen, Zodormdura, Zolbeta, Zolirin, Zolpi-Lich, Zolpimist, Zolpinox, Zolpi-Q, Zolpitifi, ZolpiWin.


Each of these medicines contains the active substance Zolpidem. Therefore, they all have the same effects, as Ambien has.


It should be noted that not every Zolpidem-containing medicine is a 100% replacement for Ambien. Some generic sleeping pills are produced in the form of sublingual orally disintegrating tablets (ODT).


Unlike Ambien tablets, which need to be swallowed, ODT tablets dissolve under the tongue. Due to the high dissolution rate of the tablet, the active ingredient Zolpidem is absorbed more quickly into the blood and begins to exert its hypnotic effect much faster.


Before buying Ambien or other Zolpidem-containing hypnotics without a prescription, the buyer should make sure that such sleeping pills are not contraindicated to him.


If a man or woman, who suffers from insomnia, has contraindications to the use of Ambien tablets, they should refrain from buying them. As an alternative to Ambien, patients with insomnia may be prescribed sedatives from other pharmacological groups and classes (including herbal sedatives ).